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Copper Lantern - Stern

DHR - Den Haan Rotterdam

Copper Lantern - Stern

Beautiful oil-powered stern navigation solid copper lanterns from Den Haan Rotterdam.  The oil lamps have a clear thick glass lens and can be filled with paraffin or lamp oil to a...

Round deck prism - melon

Davey and Company

Glass Deck Light Prism - Melon

Round, melon-shaped deck prisms with a bronze or stainless steel surround, manufactured in England by Davey & Company. The beautlfully-finished circular prisms are solid glass and have the...

Tarred Marline

Langman Ropes

Tarred Marline 3-Ply (4mm)

3-ply natural hemp line soaked in Stockholm tar to create quality tarred marline or around 4mm in diameter. Manufactured in Holland by Langman Ropes, this high quality product is a truly authentic...

Davey & Company Catalogue - Nov 2015

Davey and Company

Davey & Co Catalogue (2015)

Davey & Company are famous for their range of beautiful traditional boat hardware, fittings, fastenings & tools. Classic Boat Supplies distributes Davey's products in Australia and keeps...


Most Popular Products

Hemp Rope

Langman Ropes

Natural Hemp Rope (per metre)

Genuine natural-fibre hemp rope manufactured by world-renowned Langman Ropes in Holland.  Hemp rope was traditionally used on classic sailing boats however modern synthetic products, such as...


New Products

Teak Table Top - Octagonal

Teak Table Top - Octagonal

Octagonal teak boat table with, traditional compass rose design embedded in the middle. A 4mm high edging extend along the straight edges. The plywood core gives the table a solid foundation for...

$268.99 $290.80
Teak Table Top - Half Elipse

Teak Table Top - Half Elipse

This popular ombines ample teak boat table provides ample area with curved lines. A traditional compass rose design embedded in the middle gives a touch of nautical class. The 4mm high...

$334.48 $361.60
Teak Table Top - Folding Table

Teak Table Top - Folding Table

Wall mounted folding teak table which can be raised for use. Held in place with a simple telescopic support capable of holding 60kg. Traditional compass rose design embedded in the middle...

$465.55 $503.31