Featured Products

Bronze Door Bell

Classic Bronze Bell

Traditional polished bronze bell complete with pull rope. Bronze bells give a very satisfying tone when compared to brass and other alloys, and these bells are popular as household doorbells and...

Sisal Rope Spool

Sisal Rope (spool)

Sisal rope is deal for marine, industrial, automotive and domestic use. Known for its strength, durability and ability to stretch, sisal rope is easy to dye and resists degradation when exposed to...

Brass Separating Hinge

Davey and Company

Brass Lift-Off Hinge - Davey

Brass separating hinges with a brass pin in a range of sizes.  These brass hinges have a satin finish. Refer to the table below for sizes - the hand is determined by which side retains the pin...

Wide Scraping Blade

Davey and Company

Scraper - Dry Dock

Wide general purpose dry dock scraper for removing hull growth, loose paint, etc. by Davey & Co. SKU Blade Length Blade Width Davey Product Code 026247 9" (230mm) 7" (175mm) 1463

KINETIX Hardener - H130

KINETIX Surfboard Epoxy Resin

KINETIX Epoxy Hardener H130

KINETIX® H130 Hardener works with KINETIX® R104 epoxy or KINETIX® R110X epoxy to give a fast-curing epoxy system for surfboards. Epoxy resin based on H130 hardener can...


Most Popular Products

Hemp Rope

Langman Ropes

Natural Hemp Rope (per metre)

Genuine natural-fibre hemp rope manufactured by world-renowned Langman Ropes in Holland.  Hemp rope was traditionally used on classic sailing boats however modern synthetic products, such as...


New Products

Bronze Stanchions - No Base

Davey and Company

Bronze Stanchions - No Base

Traditional bronze stanchions cast in gunmetal and with a polished finish. These tapered stanchions are 27mm at the base and are available in three heights. A choice of three...

Bronze Stanchion Base - Flush

Davey and Company

Bronze Stanchion Base - Flush

Traditional flush bronze stanchion base for setting into the deck. Features a securing pin hole to lock in the stanchion. Designed to suit Davey & Co bronze stanchions. Part...

Bronze Stanchion - Fixed Base

Davey and Company

Bronze Stanchion - Fixed Base

Traditional bronze stanchion with a fixed base cast in one piece in the United Kingdom. This polished bronze stanchion has a round base and ball top for a single wire. The round...

Bronze Stanchion Base - Above Deck

Davey and Company

Bronze Stanchion Base - Above Deck

Traditional bronze stanchion base for mounting on the deck. Features a side arm for strength and a securing pin hole to lock in the stanchion. Designed to suit Davey & Co bronze...

Brass Switch Panels - Traditional

Davey and Company

Brass Switch Panels - Traditional

Traditional brass switch panels made from solid brass and available in 1, 2, 3 & 4 switch configurations. The panel is 2mm thick with either a polished finish or chrome plated. Single pole...