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Boom Crutch Socket

Bronze Boom Crutch Socket

A solidly cast bronze boom crutch socket from Davey & Co, complete with drain hole.  Use this fittiing to lock a removable boom crutch in position within the cockpit. Available in a polished...

USD93.84 (Inc. GST)
USD85.31 (Ex. GST)

Brass 90 Degree Locking Hinge

A heavy and robust brass hinge produced in Italy by Foresti & Suardi. In the open position the hinge locks at 90 degrees with a sprung ball bearing. The hinges are drilled for 14-gauge...

USD60.55 (Inc. GST)
USD55.05 (Ex. GST)
Harken Plain Top Winch

HARKEN Plain-Top Bronze Single Speed Winch

These beautiful bronze plain-top single-speed winches are our smallest Harken winches.  They are manufactured with a bronze base and drum while the top is aluminium. See Harken's manual...

USD316.92 (Inc. GST) USD366.97
USD288.11 (Ex. GST) USD333.61
Bronze Rudder Fittings

Bronze Standard 4-Piece Rudder Kits

Polished bronze sailboat rudder kits suitable for medium-sized sailing boats, up to around 18 feet in length.  The straps are cast in a range of widths to suit most vessels. Made in...

USD176.80 (Inc. GST)
USD160.73 (Ex. GST)
Bronze Ladder Fitting

Bronze Boarding Ladder Set (4 piece)

This four piece bronze ladder frame set from Davey comprises of two eyes and two bronze ladder frames. Construct your own timber ladder using the bronze frames to create an easily removable boarding...

USD163.27 (Inc. GST)
USD148.43 (Ex. GST)
Antique Boat Horn

Brass Electric Horn

New from Davey & Co, this vibrating electric marine horn is of all-brass construction with a spun body and trumpet complemented with brass fastenings and bracket. This horn uses a similar...

USD134.32 (Inc. GST)
USD122.11 (Ex. GST)

Bronze Scroll Hinge (Each)

Large bronze scroll hinges suitable for doors, chests and other furniture items. Made in New Zealand, these quality polished hinges are sold individually and can be chrome plated if required. SKU...

USD110.17 (Inc. GST)
USD100.16 (Ex. GST)

Most Popular Products

Hemp Rope

Natural Hemp Rope (per metre)

Genuine natural-fibre hemp rope manufactured by world-renowned Langman Ropes in Holland.  Hemp rope was traditionally used on classic sailing boats however modern synthetic products, such as...

USD0.64 (Inc. GST)
USD0.58 (Ex. GST)

New Products

Davey & Company Catalogue - 2018

Davey & Co Catalogue (2018)

Davey & Company are famous for their range of beautiful traditional boat hardware, fittings, fastenings & tools. Classic Boat Supplies distributes Davey's products in Australia and keeps...

USD0.00 (Inc. GST)
USD0.00 (Ex. GST)
Starbrite Starbrite Medium Wash Brush with Extending Handle

Starbrite Medium Wash Brush with Extending Handle

Starbrite screw-in extentable pole with a premium 200mm brush with medium bristles.  Star brite Extend-A-Brush heads are made with Star prene, a lightweight polymer fiber that does not stain,...

USD63.81 (Inc. GST) USD67.16
USD58.00 (Ex. GST) USD61.06
Starbrite Starbrite Small Plastic Utility Brush

Starbrite Small Plastic Utility Brush

Small plastic utiltiy brush with a choice of nylon or brass bristles. Part Number Bristle Material Bristle Length Bristle Dimensions BLA-265943 Nylon 16mm 180mm x...

USD9.96 (Inc. GST) USD10.49
USD9.06 (Ex. GST) USD9.53
Starbrite Starbrite Microfiber Reggae Sponge

Starbrite Microfiber Reggae Sponge

Microfiber Reggae Sponge by Starbrite.  The microfiber material is highly absorbent yet super soft, so it will not scratch gelcoat or painted surfaces. Special scrubbing side quickly and...

USD12.83 (Inc. GST) USD13.50
USD11.67 (Ex. GST) USD12.28
Starbrite Screw-In Extending Handle 3' - 6'

Starbrite Screw-In Extending Handle 3' - 6'

High Quality Marine Grade handle constructed of aircraft grade, triple anodized aluminum to provide years of maintenance free use. Telescoping shafts feature two non-slip hand grips with positive...

USD37.87 (Inc. GST) USD39.87
USD34.43 (Ex. GST) USD36.24
Starbrite Starbrite Slime & Grime Stain Remover (453g)

Starbrite Slime & Grime Stain Remover (453g)

Starbrite's Slime & Grime Stain Remover removes mold stains & mildew stains, rust, tarnish and other tough stains. Works on boat bottoms, shower stalls, floor tile, fiberglass, wood,...

USD31.94 (Inc. GST) USD33.62
USD29.03 (Ex. GST) USD30.56