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Bronze boat hook

Bronze Boat Hooks

Admiralty type boat hooks finished in either polished bronze or chrome plated bronze.   These New Zealand-made cast bronze boat hooks are ready to fix to a wooden staff of you choice...


Brass Screw Cup Washer

Use brass cup washers to fasten panels and floors where the material thickness does not permit counter-sinking. SKU Gauge 160391 #6 160392 #8 160393 #10 160394 #12

Tufnol cam cleat with stainless steel eye

HYE - Holland Yacht Equipment

Tufnol Cam Cleat with Eye

Durable Tufnol cam cleat with a stainless steel eye which acts as a sheet guide. Tufnol is a traditional laminated plastic material made from phenolic resin and woven cotton or linen fabric...

ICOM M25 EURO Hand-Held VHF Radio

Icom Radio

ICOM M25 EURO Hand-Held VHF Radio

Float'n Flash 5W VHF Marine Transceiver The IC-M25 Euro VHF Marine Radio from ICOM is a compact, lightweight and high-performing VHF radio. IC-M25 Euro's Float'n Flash function means the radio is...

$275.00 $336.60

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Hemp Rope

Langman Ropes

Natural Hemp Rope (per metre)

Genuine natural-fibre hemp rope manufactured by world-renowned Langman Ropes in Holland.  Hemp rope was traditionally used on classic sailing boats however modern synthetic products, such as...


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Nauteak Marine

Teak Table Top - Square - Nautic Star

The Nauteak Marine square table features black caulking lines and a stylish nautic star placed in the centre. This beautiful and practical table is sure to enhance any environment. Featuring...

Teak Table Top - Wing - Folding Ends

Nauteak Marine

Teak Table Top - Wing - Folding Ends

Nauteak Marine folding teak table featuring black caulking lines and a central nautic star design. Two extendable supports hold the wings when in the extended position. This teak table can be left...

Teak Table Top - Circle - Nautic Star

Nauteak Marine

Teak Table Top - Circle - Nautic Star

Circular teak boat table featuring a traditional nautic star design embedded in the centre. Black caulking gives a wonderful deck-like appearance to the table. Suitable for boats, caravans, RVs...