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Davey Bronze Fairlead - Closed

Davey and Company

Bronze Fairleads - Closed

Beautiful captive fairleads by Davey and Co.  These polished closed fairleads are sold individually and are available in a range of sizes from 4" to 8" in length. To match existing stainless...

Teak Bar Cleat Fittings

Davey and Company

Bronze Bar Cleat Fitting - Screw Down

Produced by Davey, these bronze fittings (sold individually and without the timber bar) can be paired to hold a timber rod for an attractive bar cleat. A single 8g screw hole on the underside of the...

Rope Hand Rail Clip

Foresti & Suardi

Brass Rope Terminal - Ring

Solid brass rope terminal with ring for use with rope barriers.  These rope terminal rings have an integral screw to secure the rope to the fitting. Works best with 28mm rope. SKU Internal...

Bronze Door Bell Bracket

Classic Bronze Bell Bracket Only

Bronze wall mounting bracket for our classic bronze bells. Note that the 14" bell bracket is also suitable for the 16" & 18" bells. Chrome is available on request for an additional cost...

B22 Light Bulb

Light Bulb - B22 Base

Light bulbs with an B22 base (double contact with parallel pins) available in a variety of Volt/Wattage configurations. SKU Voltage Wattage 047111 220 Volts 65...

Manganese bronze harp shackle

Davey and Company

Bronze Harp Shackle

Harp shackles (or bow shackles) made in England from strong manganese bronze. These bronze shackles are attractive yet practical accessories useful for rigging and many other applications on a boat...


Most Popular Products

Hemp Rope

Langman Ropes

Natural Hemp Rope (per metre)

Genuine natural-fibre hemp rope manufactured by world-renowned Langman Ropes in Holland.  Hemp rope was traditionally used on classic sailing boats however modern synthetic products, such as...


New Products

Stainless Steel Barrel Bolt

Chromed Brass Barrel Bolt

Chromed brass barrel bolt measuring 3" in length. These stylish sliding bolts are useful for keeping cupboards and hatches secure on deck and down below. Note that screws for fastening are not...

Teak Folding Table Legs

Nauteak Marine

Teak Folding Table Legs

These folding teak table legs come with lock-in nylon fittings to allow the legs to be easily removed from the table for storage. Suitable height for dining tables. Compatible with all Nauteak...

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