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Bronze Drain Fitting

Bronze Drain Plugs - Flush

Australian-made half-inch bronze drain plugs (or garboard drain) with screw plug insert. SKU Diameter Cutout Diameter 050401 2-1/4" (55mm) 1-1/4" (30mm)

Mouth Fog Horn

Brass Fog Horn

As beautiful as it is practical, use this polished brass horn to alert other vessels to danger or to advise position in fog. A great safety item to keep aboard or for decorative use. Available in...

Double-sheave bronze coaming leads

Davey and Company

Bronze Coaming Leads - Double Sheave

Bronze coaming leads with two brass sheaves.  Coaming leads can be used to run deck leads or sheets through coamings, cabins or decks while minimising the ingress of water and weather. The...

T10 LED Bulb

T10 Wedge 16 LEDs Cool White (pair)

Upgrade to LEDs in your existing light fittings with this sixteen LED T10 base wedge. Sold in pairs, this T10 LED is ideal for use in various types of Jayco and Narva Lights. The chip in this...

Dinghy gooseneck fitting in brass

Davey and Company

Brass Sailing Dinghy Sliding Gooseneck

A quality sliding gooseneck fitting suitable for traditional sailing dinghies and other small boats. Made of brass, this sailing boat fitting consists of a spike on a gooseneck with tangs for...

Davey bronze sail cars

Davey and Company

Bronze Track Slides - Internal

Bronze slides from Davey that are compatible with Davey's internal brass sail track. Available to suit 3/4" (19mm) and 1" (25mm) internal track, these slides are cast from gunmetal bronze. SKU...


Most Popular Products

Hemp Rope

Langman Ropes

Natural Hemp Rope (per metre)

Genuine natural-fibre hemp rope manufactured by world-renowned Langman Ropes in Holland.  Hemp rope was traditionally used on classic sailing boats however modern synthetic products, such as...


New Products

Nauteak Marine

Teak Table Top - Square - Nautic Star

The Nauteak Marine square table features black caulking lines and a stylish nautic star placed in the centre. This beautiful and practical table is sure to enhance any environment. Featuring...

Teak Table Top - Wing - Folding Ends

Nauteak Marine

Teak Table Top - Wing - Folding Ends

Nauteak Marine folding teak table featuring black caulking lines and a central nautic star design. Two extendable supports hold the wings when in the extended position. This teak table can be left...

Teak Table Top - Circle - Nautic Star

Nauteak Marine

Teak Table Top - Circle - Nautic Star

Circular teak boat table featuring a traditional nautic star design embedded in the centre. Black caulking gives a wonderful deck-like appearance to the table. Suitable for boats, caravans, RVs...