Rope Sheaves

Tufnol Sheaves for Rope

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Tufnol sheaves for rope.  These sheaves are from Davey's range of sailboat fittings and are available in a wide range of diameters for rope up to 16mm.

SKU Rope Diameter Sheave Diameter Sheave Width Bore Davey Product Code
028041 10mm 25mm 11mm 6mm 4470/OO/25
028042 10mm 30mm 11mm 6mm 4470/OO/30
028043 10mm 35mm 11mm 6mm 4470/OO/35
028044 10mm 40mm 11mm 6mm 4470/OO/40
028045 12mm 50mm 13mm 8mm 4470/OO/50
028046 12mm 60mm 13mm 8mm 4470/OO/60
028047 14mm 70mm 16mm 10mm 4470/OO/70
028048 14mm 80mm 16mm 10mm 4470/OO/80
028049 16mm 90mm 18mm 10mm 4470/OO/90
028050 16mm 100mm 18mm 10mm 4470/OO/100