Single pulley - swivel & becket

Single Tufnol Block - Swivel Eye with Becket

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Tufnol is a traditional laminated plastic material made from phenolic resin and woven cotton or linen fabric.  It is strong and light, and provides an economical, low maintenance and traditional solution for sailing boat blocks.

Our Tufnol blocks are manufactured in Holland with solid stainless steel frames and brass bush bearings.

The single Tufnol block, fitted with a swivel eye and becket, comes in four sizes to work with ropes from 10mm through to 16mm.


Shell Size  Rope Size* Sheave
Breaking Load 
Safe Working
 2-1/4" (58mm)  10mm  30mm  Approx. 830kg  415kg
 2-3/4"" (70mm)  12mm  35mm  Approx 1350kg  675kg
 3-3/4" (95mm)  14mm  50mm  Approx 2020kg  1010kg
 4-3/4" (120mm)  16mm  63mm  Approx 2200kg  1100kg

* Note - we recommend choosing products one rope size size larger than indicated to ensure adequate free movement.