Wooden Block with Spring

Swivel Stand-Up Wooden Block - Single

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Beautifully produced from ash timber and high-grade 316 stainless steel, these stand-up blocks from Davey & Co. are available in three sizes.  

A tufnol sheave rotates on a stainless steel spindle, supported by the two stainless arms which are strongly fastened to the swivel 

The stainless steel stand-up assembly compises of an eye bolt, two pressure plates and a spring.

The eye bolt is compatible with Davey's bronze deck plates to create deck-mounted blocks that can easily be relocated around the deck, or removed in minutes. 

These stand-up blocks are available in three sizes to suit sheets from 8mm to 14mm in diameter.

SKU Shell Length Suits Rope Diameter Eye Bolt Thread Eye Bolt Length Davey's Part Number  
027432 3" (75mm) 8-10mm M8 60mm 0624/AH/075  
027433 3-1/2" (88mm) 10-12mm M8 60mm 0624/AH/088  
027434 4" (100mm) 12-14mm M10 60mm 0624/AH/100