Owatrol Oil (5lt)

Owatrol Oil (5lt)

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OWATROL® OIL is a versatile, highly penetrating air drying oil that can be used alone or added to paint. Used alone it provides a tough, flexible finish, driving out excess moisture and air; displacing it from rusted metal, so stopping rust. Filling dry porous wood to stop paint peeling. Added to any oil or alkyd based coatings and it will give increased wet edge time, improved flow ability, greater adhesion and unlike damaging thinners, will maintain the inherent quality of the paint without affecting its appearance or drying times.


  • Apply directly to rusted surfaces.
  • Penetrates deep in to rusted surfaces to drive out moisture and air.
  • Forms a solid stable layer that other paints can firmly adhere to.
  • Completely seals sound underlying metal against corrosion.
  • Compatible with all oil and alkyd based paints.
  • Use on non-ferrous metals - zinc, copper, aluminium…
  • Primer for galvanised surfaces - No weathering or pickling required.
  • Additive for all oil/alkyd based paints, stains and varnishes including urethane alkyd paints.
  • Fills woods pores with oil - Prevents paint peeling.
  • Assures better adhesion of finishes.
  • Eases application of finishes in difficult conditions.
  • Overcoat with OXID VERNIS* on rusted surfaces to maintain the rusted appearance long term.
  • Improved flow ability - Increased wet edge time.

Basic Uses

  • For interior and exterior use.
  • Steel structures, railings, pipes, grills, stairs...
  • Machinery, engine parts, trailers...
  • Hulls, tanks...
  • All Wood surfaces, dry, porous, soft & punky...
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Part Number Size
CBS-230028 5 Litre