GFlex Epoxy Resin

WEST SYSTEM G/Flex 650 Epoxy Resin

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WEST SYSTEM® G/Flex 650 Epoxy Resin only.  GFlex Epoxy Resin combines with Gflex Epoxy Hardener in a 1:1 ratio (sold separately).  

GFlex 650 is toughened, versatile, liquid epoxy for permanent waterproof bonding of fiberglass, ceramics, metals, plastics, damp and difficult-to-bond woods. With a modulus of elasticity of 150,000 PSI, it is a bit more flexible than standard epoxies and polyester, but much stiffer than adhesive sealants. This gives G/flex the ability to make structural bonds that can absorb the stress of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration.

It is ideal for bonding dissimilar materials. It can be modified with West System fillers and additives, and used to wet-out fiberglass tapes and fabrics.  Also suitable for repairing seam and rivet leaks in aluminium boats. 

Suitable also for use with the Volle homemade splitboard kit, used to convert snowboards into split-boards.

G/flex gives you 45 minutes of working time at room temperature. It reaches an initial cure in 7 to 10 hrs and full cure in 24 hrs.

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NOTE: This product is cannot be delivered outside Australia.

WST-321334 125ml
WST-321338 250ml
WST-321340 4lt

More About G/Flex

G/flex Epoxies are toughened, resilient two-part epoxies engineered for a superior grip to metals, plastics, glass, masonry, fiberglass, and wet and difficult-to-bond woods. G/flex 650 Epoxy is a liquid epoxy with a honey-like consistency. Easy-to-use 1:1 mix ratio. G/flex provides a relatively long open working time, yet it cures quickly and can be used in cool temperatures.

G/flex Epoxies are toughened to make them resilient and impact resistant, giving them the ability to make structural bonds that can absorb the stresses of expansion, contraction, shock, and vibration. With a modulus of elasticity of 150,000 psi, G/flex is more flexible and can deflect further before breaking than WEST SYSTEM 105/205, while being much stiffer than typical adhesive sealants

G/flex adheres tenaciously to difficult-to-glue hardwoods, both tropical and domestic varieties. It can be used to bond metals, plastics, glass, masonry, and fiber-glass. G/flex is ideal for repairs to aluminum boats and polyethylene and ABS canoes and kayaks. It can also be used to wet out and bond fiberglass tapes and fabrics. G/flex 650 can be modified with WEST SYSTEM fillers and additives and added to other WEST SYSTEM epoxies to improve their toughness and flexibility.