Peel Ply Tape (25cm Width)

Peel Ply Tape (25cm Width) Per Metre

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Peel Ply Tape 25cm in width and sold by the metre.  Good for smaller jobs where full-sized peel ply cloth is not required.

Peel-ply is the most common brand of special release-fabrics, which have a variety of uses in epoxy laminating. Peel-ply is a tightly woven nylon fabric, weighing approximately 55 grams per square metre, treated with a finish to which epoxy and polyester* will not bond.

A layer of peel-ply laid over a wetted fibreglass laminate is easily smoothed with a plastic squeegee. It is porous, so excess resin will pass through and wet it out, leaving the laminate with a higher fibre-to weight ratio.

Whether bonding, laminating, filleting, fairing or applying fabrics, the success of the application depends not only on the strength of the epoxy, but also on how well the epoxy adheres to the surface to which it is being applied. Unless you are bonding to partially cured epoxy, the strength of the bond relies on the epoxy’s ability to mechanically “key” into the surface.

For more information on peel ply refer to this informative document from ATL Composites.

Part NumberWidth
CBS-158600 25cm