Stockholm Tar

Stockholm Tar Preservative

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A traditional preservative for natural hemp ropes and timber, Stockholm Tar (or Pine Tar) has long been used for numerous sealing applications on boats.

In Skandinavia, Stockholm Tar continues to be used for preserving outdoor furniture and on traditional boats.  Stockholm tar is also added to oakum to prevent rotting.

Read more about the history and uses of Stockholm Tar.

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2 Reviews

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    Stockholm tar

    Posted by Rauf Osterman on 11th May 2020

    This is the absolute best non-poisonous treatment you can give to wood and it smells and looks fantastic. Fantastic product, hope you keep selling it

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    Stockholm Tar 5 Kg tub

    Posted by Jouko Nykänen on 2nd Jul 2019

    This product is getting hard to find. Used widely for over 500 years on the hulls of wooden ships, it now seems to be restricted to vet stores for treating horses' hooves. I was delighted to find that Classic Boat Supplies has it in a useful 5 litre tub. It's a great way of preserving timber surfaces and it has a nice aroma. My childhood was spent in the Nordics and Stockholm tar was used for a great many things, from boats and tool handles to window frames and roof shingles. If you have a wooden boat, this is the stuff to use.