Deck Oil Marine Varnish

Deks Olje D1 Marine Wood Varnish - Matte

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Matte Deks Olje is a penetrating oil that can be used as an alternative to marine varnish. It penetrates deep into the heart of the wood for a rich, natural & long-lasting finish.

This decking oil will not make the deck slippery when wet as it soaks well into the timber. Also ideal for BBQ tables and decks at home.

Available in 1lt and 2.5lt tins, matte finish Deks Olje keeps wood in pristine condition and protects it with powerful fungus and rot inhibitors.

Deks Olje weathers but will not lift. With a periodic touch-up, Deks Olje Marine Varnish will give many years of service without the need to strip back to bare wood.

Preparation for Application to Old Wood

  1. Remove old finish completely.
  2. Neutralize any strippers or bleaches and lightly sand surface.

Preparation for Application to New Wood

  1. Lightly sand wood.
  2. Remove oils from wood with a liberal application of Dekswood or Methylated Spirits.
  3. Lightly sand wood again.


  1. Apply by brush or roller. A foam brush can be used on small surfaces.
  2. Apply one coat every fifteen minutes. As one coat is absorbed, apply another. Do not allow to dry between coats.
  3. When the surface can absorb no more, brush the material several times. If it still stands on the surface wipe up all excess with a rag which is slightly damp with Deks Olje #1. If the Deks Olje #1 continues to soak in then apply more.
  4. When no more can be absorbed, wipe up all excess as described in step 3. You are now finished with Deks Olje #1.
  5. A proper Deks Olje #1 application should require many coats over at least a six-hour time period.
  6. Allow three days before putting into service or finishing with Deks Olje #2.


  1. Wash all dirty surfaces with Dekswood, rinse and allow to dry.
  2. Lightly sand worn or abraded areas.
  3. Apply one or two coats of Deks Olje #1 to affected areas.
  4. Between touch-ups, wash Deks Olje #1 treated surfaces as often as possible with fresh water.
  5. There is no need to remove the original Deks Oije #1.

NOTE: If the surface looks mottled or splotchy after cleaning and sanding, Deks Olje #1 will still restore the appearance, but a few coats may be needed on the driest areas. Again, do not leave any Deks Oije #1 puddled on the surface.


Coverage depends on the porosity of the wood surface. On very porous wood coverage could be as low as 2 square metres per litre.


  • Deks Olje #1 will stain metal fittings and fiberglass. Be sure to clean these surfaces before it dries.
  • If Deks Oije #1 has dried on fiberglass, it can be removed with any paint remover formulated for use on fiberglass.


Deks Olje #1 should be stored in containers which are completely filled to avoid "jelling" DO NOT FREEZE.

2 Reviews

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    excellent quality

    Posted by MILKA on 2nd Dec 2019

    use product for few year and it is the best on market

  • 4
    Dead easy to use

    Posted by Matthew on 2nd Jan 2018

    One of the easiest products to use for outdoor timber protection and appears to be quite durable as well - at least in the land-based applications I've used it for. Deks Olje #2 looks great on outdoor timber furniture.
    Just be aware that coverage on very aged and dried hardwoods (e.g. a lot of recycled timbers) can be appreciably higher than the advice on the can.