Gloss Deck Oil

Deks Olje D2 Marine Wood Varnish - Gloss (6 x 1 Litre Cans)

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Deks Olje D2 Bulk Pack - 6 x 1lt cans

Gloss Deks Olje is a penetrating oil that can be used as an alternative to marine varnish. It penetrates deep into the heart of the wood for a rich, natural & long-lasting finish.

Available in a range of sizes, gloss finish Deks Olje keeps wood in pristine condition and protects it with powerful fungus and rot inhibitors.

Deks Olje weathers but will not lift. With a periodic touch-up, Deks Olje Marine Varnish will give many years of service without the need to strip back to bare wood.

Surface Preparation

  1. Apply Deks Olje #1 carefully, following directions.
  2. Use Deks Olje #2 anywhere above waterline and below deck.

NOTE: Deks Olje #2 may be too slippery for a deck, so many boaters prefer protecting traffic decks with Deks Olje #1 only.

Application over Deks Olje #1 treated surface

  1. Use a good varnish brush, roller or foam brush.
  2. Apply five or six coats (one per day).
  3. Do not apply in damp conditions.
  4. For the smoothest finish, lightly wet sand with Deks Olje #1 and #600 grit paper between coats 5 and 6.
  5. Allow good air circulation for drying.

Maintaining Deks Olje #2 Finish

  1. Once each year, lightly wet sand using Deks Olje #1 and #600 paper. Wipe dry and apply one new thin coat of Deks Olje #2.
  2. During the season, lightly wet sand abraded areas as in step 1 and touch up with one or two coats of Deks Olje #2.
  3. Keep finish free of salt by rinsing with fresh water when possible.
  4. NO NEED to remove the original Deks Olje #1 and Deks Olje #2.


No more than 12 square metres per litre.


  1. Brushes and rollers can be cleaned with Mineral Turpentine.
  2. A rag soaked in paint thinner will clean adjacent surfaces while Deks Olje #1 and Deks Olje #2 are still wet.
  3. Dried spills must be removed with paint and varnish remover. Some are available specifically for fiberglass.


Deks Olje #2 should be stored in containers which are completely filled to avoid "jelling" DO NOT FREEZE.