Flowmask Drop Sheet & Dispenser 20m

Flowmask Drop Sheet & Dispenser 20m

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Tenacious pre-taped drop sheets are proven universally popular with discerning painters in the marine, automotive and other industries. The superior, wafer thin Flowmask masking edge provides for incredibly crisp, welldefined edges to a painted surface. While the statically-charged sheet will ensure the drape clings to the work.

The product is available in 550mm, 1400mm & 2400mm drop sheets, and come in an easy to use dispenser.

Tenacious FlowMask™ - an ultra thin Japanese Washi tape that gives a clean no-bleed edge to the paint finish. The product has high tensile strength and excellent UV stability for up to 60 Days.

Refils sold separately.

Part Number Width
CBS-401501 550mm
CBS-401502 1400mm
CBS-401503 2400mm