Caulking Iron

Caulking Irons - Cast

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Produced in the US by CS Osborne & Co, these cast iron caulking irons are used for inserting Cotton or Oakum into the seam between the planks.  This process is also known as Making Irons.

Typically, Oakum is used to fill wider gaps in planking seams, whereas cotton caulking squeezes into tighter seams.

Extreme care must be taken as heavy hands can do considerable damage. Caulking irons are made of cast malleable iron.

SKU Size Length Blade Width CS Osborne's Code
340500 1/32" 5" 2" (50mm) 00
340501 1/16" 5-5/8" 2-1/2" (62mm)
340502 1/8" 5-7/8" 2-1/4" (56mm)