Butyl Tape - White

Butyl Tape White - 10m x 20mm Roll

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10m rolls of white Butyl tape. Often used for bedding in deck fittings on boats.

Self-fusing Butyl Tape is used in many applications. The advantage of using butyl rubber in an adhesive format is that it is malleable and impermeable to air and water. It is hard wearing, can be applied to a wide variety of carrier surfaces and is able to be easily applied, thus giving instant results. 

Used in many industries from providing waterproof joining solutions for sythetic turf and water sealing tarpaulins for dams and pondliners, to waterproofing and joining applications for piping, roof flashing, corrugated iron and shower bases. A synthetic rubber, or elastomer, butyl rubber is impermeable to air and used in many applications requiring an airtight rubber seal.

  • Butyl is Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Easily applied, no pre-heating or primer, no special installation equipment required.
  • Butyl is a Non-hardening Mastic - Butyl forms a soft resilient compression seal. Allows movement due to expansion/contraction. Butyl will not crack and has a virtually unlimited storage life.
  • Butyl Forms an Immediate Bond - No curing time and no solvent evaporation. Butyl will fuse with nearly any stable solid surface including many low surface energy materials e.g. PE. Can be applied between 5° C and 40° C
  • Butyl is Supplied in a Roll - Quick, clean and accurate to install Butyl with a constant coating thickness.
  • Visco-Elastic - If Butyl bonds are broken it will re-adhere to itself on contact (self-healing). Absorbs vibrations.
  • Butyl Resists Water Vapour Transmission - Butyl is ideal for permanent waterproof seals.
  • Butyl is Chemically Inert - Butyl is safe to use and environmentally friendly. Butyl is resistant to alkalis, acids and salts. Butyl is resistant to oxidation and has good UV resistance.
  • Butyl Retains Elasticity - Versatility of use for all climates and conditions: -30° to 120° C (short term)
Part NumberRoll LengthTape WidthTape Thickness
TEN-400001 10m 20mm 1.5mm