Heavy-duty deck cleat (8" pattern)

Bronze Deck Cleats - Heavy Duty

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Heavy duty bronze deck cleats made in Australia.  These impressive cleats come in a range of sizes from 6" across up to 11".

Ideal for use on larger boats, or for securing mooring lines on a jetty or wharf.

Depending on the application consider fastening with large silicon bronze wood screws of bronze machine screws.

These cleats can be supplied in polished bronze or a chrome-plated finish.

SKU Length Size of Feet Hole Centres Fastening
051401 6" (152mm) 95mm x 25mm Width: 70mm; Length: 48mm 4 x 14g Screws or 1/4" Machine Screws
051403 8" (203mm) 85mm x 25mm 4 x 14g Screws or 1/4" Machine Screws
051405 10" (254mm) TBC Width: 70mm; Length: 70mm 4 x 14g Screws or 1/4" Machine Screws
051407 11" (280mm) 95mm x 33mm Width: 73mm; Length: 63mm 4 x 14g Screws or 1/4" Machine Screws