Chrome Plated Cam Cleat for Winch

Bronze Cam Cleat for Winch

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Bronze cam cleat base plate manufactured in Europe by Wilmex to complement their size 8 and 10 standard bronze winches, along with their bronze capstan winch.

Note that the winch is not included and is sold separately.

These winch-mounted cam cleat base plates are available in two sizes and feature 316-grade stainless steel springs.

Choose between polished bronze and chrome plated bronze finishes to match your winch.

SKU Base Diameter Finish Wilmex Product Code Matching Winch
170001 84mm Polished Bronze BJCKZ8/BR 170000: Standard Bronze Winch - Size 8
170003 84mm Chrome Plated Bronze BJCKZ8/CHR 170400: Chrome Plated Standard Bronze Winch - Size 8
170401 98mm Polished Bronze BJCKZ10/BR  170002: Bronze Standard Winch - Size 10
170033: Bronze Snubbing Winch
170403 98mm Chrome Plated Bronze BJCKZ10/CHR 170402: Chrome Plated Bronze Standard Winch - Size 10
170433: Chrome Plated Bronze Snubbing Winch