Bronze Jamming Cleat - 5-10mm

Bronze Jamming Cam Cleat

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Premium grade cast bronze jamming cleats in three sizes to take lines from 5mm up to 20mm in diameter.

Manufactured by Wilmex, these cam cleats are suitable for locking back stays, halyards and other lines.

All models come equipped with an operating lever to disengage the cam when under load.  The larger two cleats in the range will also accept a standard winch handle to allow for fine adjustments. The winch handle is sold separately.

Available in port or starboard configurations with either a polished bronze or chrome plated finish.  

Note that the images above all show the starboard model.

SKU Line Size Length Width Finish Fastening Wilmex Product Code
170058 5-10mm 115mm 85mm Polished Bronze 4 x 1/4" S5.10/BR
170458 5-10mm 115mm 85mm Chrome Plated Bronze 4 x 1/4" S5.10/CHR
170059 10-15mm 130mm 90mm Polished Bronze TBA S10.15/BR
170459 10-15mm 130mm 90mm Chrome Plated Bronze TBA S10.15/CHR
170060 15-20mm 140mm 95mm Polished Bronze TBA S15.20/BR
170460 15-20mm 140mm 95mm Chrome Plated Bronze TBA S15.20/CHR