Tufnol Jam Cleat

Tufnol Jamming Cleat

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Tufnol (also known as phenolic resin) is a strong lightweight material that provides a very long service life due to its resistance to the marine environment.  Tufnol cleats will give excellent service for many years.  

These particular cleats have two counterunk mounting holes to suit #12 screws. They are best-suited to 10-12mm rope.

SKU Cleat Length  Base Length  Base Width  Fastening Hole Centres  Centre Lead Hole   Fastening Davey Product Code
 026452  150mm (6")  67mm (2-5/8")  35mm (1-3/8")  46mm (1-3/4")  13mm (1/2")  2 x 12g screws  1092/OO/150