Outboard Motor Mount for Sailboats

Bronze Outboard Mounting Bracket

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Spartan Marine's outboard bracket is made of cast bronze and heavy hardwood to provide a rugged, dependable method of mounting an outboard motor up to 6 h.p. on the stern of sailboats with an afterdeck of 200mm (8") or more.  Note that the outboard's mounting plate cannot exceed 8-1/2" (212mm) to fit the timber mounting pad.  The fold in the mounting bracket is approximately 30-degrees.

The bracket consists of two parts: the mounting plate and the bracket itself.  The deck mounting plate is permanently fastened through the afterdeck with four 14-gauge fasteners, and the bracket is inserted and positioned only when the engine is required.  This keeps the engine and the bracket out of the way when not in use, and does not spoil the lines of the boat.

To install, the bracket is inserted into the mounting plate vertically and then lowered 90 to the proper horizontal position thereby locking the bracket into place with out the use of clamps or fasteners.


SKU Length Max. Width Fastenings Spartan's Code
180201 17-1/4" (430mm) 12" (300mm)  8 Gauge B127