Brass Hand Rail Bracket

Brass Handrail Bracket - End Piece

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Solid brass end-piece hand rail brackets made in Italy.  Use these brass brackets to hold longer hand rails above and below decks.  Also popular to construct stair rails around the home and other architectural purposes.

These solid brass mid-fittings are available in three sizes and can be used to make brass tubing or timber hand rails.  For rope hand rails see our brass brackets with a centre screw.

Available in a polished brass or chrome-plated finish.  

SKU Inside Diameter (A) Height (B) Base Diameter (C) Finish Fastening
130930 1" (25mm) 2-1/2" (62mm) 2" (50mm) Polished Brass 3 x 6g Screws (Ø42mm)
130929 1" (25mm) 2-1/2" (62mm) 2" (50mm) Chrome Plated Brass 3 x 6g Screws (Ø42mm)
130190 1-1/4" (30mm) 3" (75mm) 2-5/8" (65mm) Polished Brass 3 x 8g Screws (Ø52mm)
130189 1-1/4" (30mm) 3" (75mm) 2-5/8" (65mm) Chrome Plated Brass 3 x 8g Screws (Ø52mm)
130533  1-3/8" (36mm) 3-1/2" (90mm) 2-3/4" (70mm)  Polished Brass 3 x 8g Screws (Ø56mm)
130532  1-3/8" (36mm) 3-1/2" (90mm) 2-3/4" (70mm) Chrome Plated Brass 3 x 8g Screws (Ø56mm)

Brass Bracket for Hand Rail