Brass Hatch Hinge

Brass Hatch Hinge - Offset

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Brass strap hinges from Italian company Foresti & Suardi.  

These brass hinges are offset by 35mm (1-1/2") making them ideal for use as deck hatch hinges.  

The hinges are drilled for 10-gauge countersunk screws (sold separately) and are available in polished brass and chrome-plated brass finishes.

SKU Overall Length Base Width Offset Finish Fastening F&S Product Code
130370 135mm (5-1/2") 58mm (2-1/4") 35mm (1-1/2") Polished Brass 4 x 10g CSK Screws 82.L
130369 135mm (5-1/2"") 58mm (2-1/4") 35mm (1-1/2") Chromed Brass 4 x 10g CSK Screws 82.C