Bronze Seacock

Bronze Seacocks - Threaded

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Premium marine-grade solid bronze seacocks with a threaded fitting to accept a threaded seacock adapter.  

These tapered cone (or plug) seacocks have a proper UL listing and are very well-regarded in the industry. They have been manufactured for many years by US company Spartan Marine.

These bronze seacocks have the following features:

  • The hose adapter is grooved for secure hose clamping.
  • The valve base is designed with a caulking groove to provide an effective waterproof seal around the base.
  • The mounting holes are enclosed slots to fully support a washer and the head of the mounting fasteners.
  • A specially designed shut-off mechanism gives a positive indication that the seacock is in the closed or open position.
  • The base has a female thread for a straight pipe to allow thru-hull fittings to be properly installed.
  • Two drain fasteners are located to either side of the sea cock housing.  These allow the sea valve to be drained and are useful for preparing boats that spend winters out of the water.

A removable solid cast bronze handle is supplied with the seacock.  This handle locks on to the seacock's turning key with a stainless steel fastener.

Full-opening plug type seacocks are easily dismantled for annual maintenance. Proper installation, attention and care will provide years of service from your Spartan Seacock.  See this excellent article for a step-by-step breakdown of inspecting and maintaining a Spartan Marine seacock.  Also, this article from Yachting Monthly provides a good overview of the different types of seacocks, and what to look out for.

SKU Suits Hose Inside Diameter Base Dimensions Height Spartan's Code
181309 3/4" Diamond: 2-1/4" x 4-1/4" (57mm x 110mm) 4-1/4" (105mm) S680
181310 1" Diamond: 2-3/4" x 4-1/4" (70mm x 105mm) 4-1/2" (110mm) S681
181311 1-1/4" - - S682
181312 1-1/2" Diamond: 7-1/4" x 4-1/2" (80mm x 115mm) 5-1/2" (135mm) S683
181314 2" - - S722