Polished bronze navigation light - starboard

Bronze Starboard Navigation Light (112.5 degrees)

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Quality solid bronze starboard-side navigation light with a 112.5° tough green acrylic lens. Available in two sizes, these stylish starboard navigation lights are made in Australia.

A 12v LED light unit to compliment these bronze shells is included, combining the old with the new.  Both sizes of the bronze light are fastened with three 8g silicon bronze screws.

Available in a polished bronze or a chrome-plated finish to match existing stainless steel hardware.

SKU Width Length Projection Finish
051204 2-7/8" (74mm) 6" (152mm) 2-5/16" (68mm) Polished Bronze
051206 2-7/8" (74mm) 6" (152mm)  2-5/16" (68mm) Chrome-Plated Bronze
051208 3-5/8" (90mm) 7" (180mm) 3" (73mm) Polished Bronze
051210 3-5/8" (90mm) 7" (180mm) 3" (73mm) Chrome-Plated Bronze

Please check the regulations as they apply to your boat's size and type to ensure this light is suitable and legal for your purpose.