Deck Spot Light

Stainless Steel Spot Light - Manual

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Traditionally-styled 316 stainless steel spot light made in Holland.  These quality spot lights have a hand control operated from within the cabin to adjust rotation and angle of the light beam. The light can be turned through 360° and tilted 15° up and down while operating.

This deck light can be installed through decks up to 35mm (1-1/2") thick. Rubber gaskets provide a water-tight seal and nylon ball joint holders ensure a smooth and easy movement.

Featuring a sealed mirror reflector and solid brass handle, all materials used in this spotlight are non-corrosive and non-magnetic.

Available in 12V and 24V models.

SKU Light Diameter (incl. frame) Voltage Wattage Height Above Deck Base Diameter Max Cabin Top Thickness Fastening
220261 150mm 12V 100W 234mm 110mm 35mm 3 x 7mm bolts (included)


150mm 24V 250W 234mm 110mm 35mm 3 x 7mm bolts (included)
220263 180mm 12V 100W 234mm 110mm 35mm 3 x 7mm bolts (included)
220264 180mm 24V 170W 234mm 110mm 35mm 3 x 7mm bolts (included)

Mounting Instructions

  1. Cut three 7mm fastening holes spaced equally on a 46mm radius.
  2. Cut one centre hole with a 36mm radius for the cabin controller.
  3. Switch off the main power on board.
  4. Connect the search light to the electrical installation as shown in the installation diagram (included in the box). Use cable 2 x 1.5mm2 (max outside diameter 8mm).
  5. Switch on the main power.
  6. When in doubt consult an electrical electrician.