Bowsprit Traveller

Bronze Bowsprit Traveller with Plates - Leathered

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These bronze bowsprit travellers are fitted with plates for use with furling gear. The furler drum can be shackled to the traveller plates using a shackle.

Bowsprit travellers are designed to slide along the forestay, and to secure the forestay to the bowsprit under load. It must therefore be a strong fitting to take the loads of the foresail. 

Covered with good quality leather, bowsprit travellers come in a range of sizes to suit a bowsprit up to 180mm in diameter.

SKU To Suit Bowsprit Diameter (mm)  
320459 2" (50mm)  
320460 2-1/2" (60mm)  
320461 2-3/4" (70mm)  
320462 3-1/4" (80mm)  
320463 3-3/4" (95mm)  
320464 4-1/2" (110mm)  
320465 5" (125mm)  
320466 5-5/8" (140mm)  
320467 6-3/8" (160mm)  
320468 7-1/4" (180mm)