Bronze rowlocks (offset forks) pictured here with the side-mounting bracket.

Bronze Rowlocks - Open Offset Fork (pair)

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Sold in pairs, these open gunmetal bronze rowlocks have offset forks.

For mounting, choose between side mounting plates or top mounting plates.  (Pictures of these options are provided above.)

The shafts on the rowlocks are 100mm long and 12mm in diameter.

Top Mounting Plates

Dimensions of the plates are approximately 100mm x 28mm x 5mm thick.  The guide shaft extends 18mm beyond the bottom of the plate and requires a hole 19mm in diameter.  Each plate is secured by 2 x 10g screws.

Side Mounting Plates

Dimensions of the plates are approximately 80mm wide.  The guide shaft is 30mm in length.  Each plate is secured by 4 x 8g screws.

Add silicon bronze screws to your order.