Glen-L Rampage

Glen-L 18' Rampage Ski-Boat Boat Plans

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The 18' Rampage is a low profile inboard featuring a full 12 degree vee bottom that flattens out bumps in the water like a steam roller over hot asphalt!

Rampage's lift strakes on the bottom are just like the ones proven on the hot competition ocean racing boats which make all the headlines. They give you a flat, dry ride with easy steering, besides letting you get out of the hole like buckshot out of the barrel.

Designed specifically for use with jet pump units, the RAMPAGE makes an ideal ski boat for the whole family. Unlike most flat bottom ski boats, you can stay out when a little breeze kicks up, because this beauty can take it in stride. The sides feature a broad flare which is carried all the way aft for good turning ability and safety. Plus, there's plenty of beam which means more room inside than similar sized boats.

The radiused cockpit makes an ideal showcase for your motor; the plans include options for a straight cockpit if you desire. For those who want a vee drive, full details for the installation of this unit are provided on the plans and in the instructions. Whichever type of drive you want, the RAMPAGE will prove to be a real winner. This boat is ruggedly built, but not hard to build. As with our other boats in this category, the motor stringers are used as the building form which makes setting-up easy and accurate.

Glen-L Ski-boat Plans: Rampage