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KIWIS AT WAR - Navy, FAA, & Merchant Navy 1943-44 - Part One (PDF eBook)

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KIWIS AT WAR - Part 1 - Fleet Air Arm & Merchant Navy is available on this web site as a PDF eBook download only (you will not receive a physical book).  The file is 4.4mb in size and the book is illustrated throughout.

The KIWIS AT WAR series of books has been produced by NZ publisher Abacus Productions.  The books are compiled edits from letters and other first-hand accounts of New Zealand forces while on duty around the world during World War II.  Visit the KIWIS AT WAR web site to see other books in the series.

From the author... 

This collection of experiences is aimed fairly and squarely at Baby Boomers and, just as importantly, their offspring.

The collection hopes to fill a void for many, especially for those men and women whose close relatives (often father or mother, or both) played their part in the Second World War but, for any number of reasons, seldom if ever discussed their wartime exploits.

These days we too often hear: “Dad never spoke of his time at the war. I wish I had persuaded him to talk. But it’s too late now – he’s passed on and that part of our family history has gone with him”.
It is possible that such bereft BBs will find within these pages, or those of subsequent Collections, accounts from persons who filled similar roles during the war. In this way, the reader – whether a Baby Boomer or a young person of the 21st century – may gain an insight into, and an understanding and appreciation of, the part played by their forebear or forebears. And, of particular interest in this day and age, what drove those young people to put their lives on the line for king, country, peace, and freedom.

That is the raison d’etre of the Kiwis At War anthologies.


ISBN: 978-0-473-30632-8
Published: April 2015 by Abacus Productions Ltd, NZ
Available: in PDF format
Software: Adobe Ebook Compatible Devices
Length: 94 pages