Glen-L Boat Plans

  • Glen-L Rampage

    Glen-L Boat Plans

    Glen-L 18' Rampage Ski-Boat Boat Plans

    The 18' Rampage is a low profile inboard featuring a full 12 degree vee bottom that flattens out bumps in the water like a steam roller over hot asphalt! Rampage's lift strakes on the bottom are...

  • Glen-L Zip

    Glen-L Boat Plans

    Glen-L 14' Zip Runabout Boat Plans

    ZIP is a high speed, deluxe sport runabout in the classic style. She furnishes all of the flashing speed, thrills, and performance that one could hope for. Ideally suited for towing water skiers or...

  • Glen-L Squirt

    Glen-L Boat Plans

    Glen-L 10' Squirt Runabout Boat Plans

    The SQUIRT is a small runabout for the young at heart. But don't let her size fool you; she offers a lot in her short length. This little boat will move out quicker with less horsepower than the...