Spartan Marine Hardware

  • Bronze butt hinge - H460

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Butt Hinges 4" - Spartan

    Bronze butt hinge from US manufacturer Spartan measuring 3-1/2" x 1-3/8" (88mm x 35mm) when open. These bronze hinges feature a stainless steel hinge pin and can be fastened with 6 x 8-gauge screws...

  • Bronze Dingy Quarter Knees

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Dinghy Quarter Knees

    Gunmetal bronze quarter knees suitable for transom braces on small dinghies.  Mounted with 4 x 10-gauge screws. Each bracket offers a 1/4" (6mm) hole for mainsheet bridle termination where a...

  • Bronze Hasp with Spring (H416)

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Hasp with Spring

    Gunmetal bronze spring hasps from Spartan Marine.  These useful hatch fasteners come in two sizes - 3-1/4" and 4" - with a burnished finish. SKU Overall Length Staple Dimensions(L x W) ...

  • Bronze Hatch Ring Pull

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Hatch Ring Pull

    Strong bronze hatch lifter with a burnished finish and a stainless steel pin. Made by Spartan Marine in the USA. SKU Width Length Height Spartan's Code 181126 2-1/2" (62mm) 3-1/8" (78mm)...

  • Outboard Motor Mount for Sailboats

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Outboard Mounting Bracket

    Spartan Marine's outboard bracket is made of cast bronze and heavy hardwood to provide a rugged, dependable method of mounting an outboard motor up to 6 h.p. on the stern of sailboats with an...

  • Bronze Ring 3/8"

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Ring (3/8")

    A solid bronze ring from Spartan Marine.  This ring is a versative piece that combines nicely with a bronze saddle to secure ropes for mooring lines, hand rails, etc. SKU Inside Diameter...

  • Bronze scallop hinge - H400

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Scallop Hinges - Spartan

    Stylish bronze hinge with an asymetric scallop design from US manufacturer Spartan.  When open flat this hinge measures 3-1/4" x 2-3/4" (80mm x 67mm). These bronze hinges feature a stainless...

  • Bronze Drain Cover

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Scupper Strainer Plate

    Bronze strainer plate for drains and scuppers.  This cast bronze circular plate has a burnished finish and is produced in the USA by Spartan Marine. SKU Diameter Thickness Fasteners Spartan's...

  • Bronze Strap

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Strap

    A bronze saddle or lacing eye from USA company Spartan. This handy bronze strap has a slightly concave base so is ideal for mounting to a mast or boom. A 12mm (1/2") rope snugly passes through...

  • Spartan bronze strap hinges

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Strap Hinge - Spartan

    Bronze strap hinge from US manufacturer Spartan measuring 5-1/2" x 1-1/4" (148mm x 31mm) when open. These bronze hinges feature a stainless steel hinge pin and can be fastened with 6 x 10-gauge...

  • Bronze Tank Vent Elbow

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Tank Vent Elbow

    Bronze elbow adapters with a 5/8" BSP thread.  These elbow fittings are compatible with Spartan's bronze threaded tank vents. SKU Overall Length Spartan's Code   180107 2-1/4" (55mm)...