Kahlenberg S-0A Air Horn in chrome-plated finish.

Kahlenberg Boat Horn Kit (S-0A)

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Marine horns by US company Kahlenberg.  The distinctive sound of these marine airhorns is scientifically developed for volume, audibility, and richness of tone, based on musical instrument design.

They do not require tuning adjustments and incorporate no moving parts other than the sound producing diaphragm.

All horn castings are of accurately machined bronze, while horn projectors are spun brass. Certified for vessels less than 20 meters.

The S-0A kit includes:

  • A Single Horn finished in either polished brass, chrome-plated brass or white powder-coated brass. The horn measures 17" in length, and 6.88" in height and width.
  • V-69K Solenoid Valve Kit. This is a watertight valve, 2" wide x 2-19/32" high with two 1/8" IPS ports.
  • P449 Series Compressor/Tank Kit. This series Compressor Kit includes:
    • An intermittent duty, oilless compressor (4" Wide x 6-1/2" High)
    • A 7" Diameter x 8" Long air tank for single or dual horns
    • A 130/100 PSI pressure switch
    • A 1/8" IPS x 1/4" tube male connector
    • 8 feet of 1/4" tubing
    • A 1/4" IPS x 5/16" tube male connector
    • 15 feet of 5/16" tubing
    • A 1/8" IPS x 5/16" tube male connector
    • A 1/8" IPS pipe nipple.

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