2-1/2" Halfband & Spike

Bronze Halfband & Spike

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These solid bronze half band & spike fittings are manufactured in England

Secured with two or three screws (depending on size) these beautifully finished fittings provide an elegant solution to fixing booms to masts on traditional sailing boats.

The mast bands are available in a range of common diameters to suit most wooden boat masts.

Note that fastenings are not included.

SKU Mast Width Fastening Davey's Part Number
021202 2" (50mm) 2 x 8g Screws 3402/GM/050
021203 2-1/2" (62mm) 2 x 8g Screws 3402/GM/062
021204 3" (75mm) 3 x 10g Screws 3402/GM/075
021205 3-1/2" (87mm) 3 x 10g Screws 3402/GM/087