MURRAY Winch - MW1 in polished bronze finish

MURRAY Mini Winch (MW1)

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The smallest MURRAY winch available, this model is clean without any top cleat or hinged mounting plates (useful for mast or boom-mounting).  Constructed in New Zealand using manganese bronze, these compact winches are ideal halyard winches on yachts up to 35', and sheet winch on yachts up to 25'.

Like all MURRAY winches, the MW1's handle is located at the base of the winch, out of the way.  The manganese bronze handle comes with the winch and includes a locking mechanism so once attached it won't separate from the winch unexpectedly.

MURRAY winches are a very simple and robust design with a proven history. They can be taken apart in seconds for servicing with the removal of one screw. The ratchet mechanism is reversable to suit any operation or location on your boat.



Weight: 2.0kg

Base Diameter (B): 108mm

Drum Diameter (D): 57mm

Overall Height (H): 95mm

Drum Height (DH): 44mm

Handle Radius (R): 330mm

Maximum Rope Diameter: 10mm

Mechanical Advantage: 9 to 1