Bronze Snubbing Winch

Bronze Snubbing Winch

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Produced by Wilmex of Poland, these beautiful bronze snubbing winches are an ideal size for use as a sheet winch on smaller sailing boats. Alternatively they can be mast-mounted to serve as a halyard winch.

Standing just 67mm tall, this compact winch features 316 grade stainless steel needle bearings and springs. Both clockwise and anti-clockwise models can be ordered.

Choose between a polished bronze or chrome plated bronze finishes.

SKU Height Base Diameter Finish Fastening
170032 67mm (2-3/4") 70mm (2-3/4") Polished Bronze 4 x M5
170432 67mm (2-3/4") 70mm (2-3/4") Chrome Plated Bronze 4 x M5