Bronze Winch Handles - Wilmex

Bronze Winch Handles - Wilmex

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Bronze winch handles from Wilmex available in a polished bronze or chrome plated bronze finish.

These winch handles feature a tufnol (phenolic resin) handle to give the appearance or natural timber but with no maintenence required.

Manufactured in Europe by Wilmex, these bronze winch handles lock to the winch and can be released easily with the top switch.

They come in a range of lengths to fit all Wilmex (and most other) winches.

SKU Overall Length Hand Grip Length Finish Wilmex Product Code
170088 6" (150mm) 110mm (4-38") Polished Bronze KK.150/BR
170488 6" (150mm) 110mm (4-38") Chrome Plated Bronze KK.150/CHR
170090 7-3/8" (185mm) 110mm (4-38") Polished Bronze KK.185/BR
170490 7-3/8" (185mm) 110mm (4-38") Chrome Plated Bronze KK.185/CHR
170092 9-3/4" (245mm) 110mm (4-38") Polished Bronze KK.245/BR
170492 9-3/4" (245mm) 110mm (4-38") Chrome Plated Bronze KK.245/CHR
170096 11-3/8" (285mm) 110mm (4-38") Polished Bronze KK.285/BR
170496 11-3/8" (285mm) 110mm (4-38") Chrome Plated Bronze KK.285/CHR