Bronze Separating Hinges

Bronze Separating Hinges (pair)

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Famous "snap-apart" or separating hinges. These quality bronze hinges have a sprung centre pin to enable quick removal without the use of tools.  They work exactly like normal hinges, but pull the sprung pin on each hinge and simply remove the hinged flap or door without fuss.

  • Suitable for engine covers, hatches, chart tables, ladders and more, these rugged New Zealand-made hinges are sold in pairs.
  • Finished in Bronze or Chrome-plated Bronze, the hinges can be fastened with 8-gauge silicon bronze screws or bronze machine screws (both to be purchased separately).
  • Hinges are sold in pairs
Part NumberFinishOverall HeightOverall Width
091101 Bronze 57mm 50mm
091102 Chromed Bronze 57mm 50mm