Brass Switch Panels - Traditional

Brass Switch Panels - Traditional

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Traditional brass switch panels made from solid brass and available in 1, 2, 3 & 4 switch configurations.

The panel is 2mm thick with either a polished finish or chrome plated.

Single pole traditionally styled toggle switches are fitted. Double poles are available by special order.

Switches are rated at 2 Amps 240V AC / DC.

Part NumberSwitchesFinishLengthHeightDavey's Part Number
CBS-028260 One Brass 40mm 40mm 0261/BR/1
CBS-028261 Two Brass 80mm 40mm 0261/BR/2
CBS-028262 Three Brass 120mm 40mm 0261/BR/3
CBS-028263 Four Brass 160mm 40mm 0261/BR/4
CBS-028270 One Chrome 40mm 40mm 0261/CP/1
CBS-028271 Two Chrome 80mm 40mm 0261/CP/2
CBS-028272 Three Chrome 120mm 40mm 0261/CP/3
CBS-028273 Foiur Chrome 160mm 40mm 0261/CP/4