Teak Table Top - Rounded Corners

Nauteak Marine Teak Table Top - Rounded Corners

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Sorry - the following product options are sold out. Pre-order now.<ul> <li>NTK-420035 (due 2022-08-29)</li><li>NTK-420040 (due 2022-08-31)</li><li>NTK-420045 (due 2022-08-31)</li> </ul>


Nauteak Marine teak tables & accessories are recognised for their beautiful design and high standard of production.

Rectangular marine teak table with smooth rounded corners. A traditional nautic star design embedded in the middle with a 4mm high edging extending along the sides of the table.

The plywood core gives the table a solid foundation for mounting.

Available in three sizes.

Part NumberLengthWidthThickness
NTK-420025 60cm (23.6") 37cm (14.6") 16mm (5/8")
NTK-420030 75cm (29.5") 51cm (20.1") 16mm
NTK-420040 86cm (33.9") 51cm (20.1") 16mm
NTK-420035 90cm (35.4") 58cm (22.8") 16mm
NTK-420045 120cm (47.2") 51cm (20.1") 16mm
NTK-420050 150cm (59.1") 65cm (25.6") 16mm

All Nauteak Marine products are made from responsibly sourced and managed teak. When you purchase a Nauteak Marine product you can be sure it has been created from teak that has been sourced ethically and grown in a sustainable way.

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