Teak Table Top

Nauteak Marine Teak Table Top

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Nauteak Marine teak tables & accessories are recognised for their beautiful design and high standard of production.

Plain practical table tops with angled corners.

Constructed with a solid plywood core overlaid with 4mm teak slats and sanded to a smooth finish.

Available in three sizes.

NTK-420235 62cm (24.4") 42cm (16.5") 16mm (5/8")
NTK-420240 77cm (30.3") 48cm (18.9") 16mm
NTK-420245 90cm (35.4") 61cm (24.0") 16mm

All Nauteak Marine products are made from responsibly sourced and managed teak. When you purchase a Nauteak Marine product you can be sure it has been created from teak that has been sourced ethically and grown in a sustainable way.

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