• Aluminium Bronze Sheave

    Aluminium Bronze Sheaves

    Quality aluminium bronze sheaves.  Thease quality sheaves are from Davey's range of sailboat fittings.   SKU Diameter Width  Bore Davey Code 025800 40mm 12mm 10mm 0619/AB/040 025801 50mm 14mm 12mm 0619/AB/050 025802 60mm 16mm 12mm...

    USD19.32 (Inc. GST)
    USD17.56 (Ex. GST)
  • Bronze Sheaves

    Bronze Sheaves (59mm)

    New Zealand-made bronze sheaves.  Available with an overall width of either 11mm or 16mm. SKU Diameter Width Centre Hole Diameter   093100 59mm 14mm 11mm   093101 59mm 16mm 11mm            

    USD33.97 (Inc. GST)
    USD30.88 (Ex. GST)
  • Bronze sheaves for out-hauls, halyards, etc.

    Bronze Sheaves - Chrome Plated

    A variety of chrome-plated bronze sheaves from New Zealand.  Suitable for many areas of rigging and sail handlint including halyards and outhauls.   SKU Diameter Width Centre Hole Diameter         093102 11mm 6mm...

    USD6.94 (Inc. GST)
    USD6.31 (Ex. GST)
  • Block Sheave in Tufnol

    Tufnol Sheaves - Spare Parts

    Quality sheaves made from durable tufnol.  Thease sheaves are from Davey's range of sailboat fittings, and are sized to serve as spare parts for Davey's range of timber blocks. SKU Diameter Width  Bore Davey Code 025803 40mm 12mm 10mm...

    USD9.37 (Inc. GST)
    USD8.52 (Ex. GST)
  • Rope Sheaves

    Tufnol Sheaves for Rope

    Tufnol sheaves for rope.  These sheaves are from Davey's range of sailboat fittings and are available in a wide range of diameters for rope up to 16mm. SKU Rope Diameter Sheave Diameter Sheave Width Bore Davey Product...

    USD3.40 (Inc. GST)
    USD3.09 (Ex. GST)