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  • Boatbuilder's Notebook

    Boatbuilder's Notebook - 2nd Edition

    by Glen L. WittIndex, hundreds of photos, drawings, and illustrations, 152 pages, 8 1/2"x11", softcover, Spiral Bound, 2013.This is a book that anyone building or contemplating the construction of a boat should have. It's slanted primarily towards...

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  • Plywood Boat Building

    Boatbuilding with Plywood

    by Glen L. WittIndex, hundreds of photos, drawings, and illustrations, 312 pages, 8 1/2"x11", hardcover, 1989.This is the "modified" third edition of the well-known text covering plywood and its use in boatbuilding, especially from the standpoint of the...

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  • Glen-L Boat Plans

    Glen-L's Book of Boat Designs - 2012 Edition

    Glen-L's 290 page "Book of Boat Designs" features all Glen-L designs plus a FREE set of dinghy plans & a coupon for $9.95 off your first order. This voluminous book is black and white and is a great "wish book" for browsing while watching TV or...

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  • Installing Inboard Motors

    Inboard Motor Installations

    by Glen L. Witt & Ken HankinsonIndex, hundreds of photos, drawings, and illustrations, 8 1/2" x 11", hardcover, 1978.A new revision of original text, INBOARD MOTOR INSTALLATIONS IN SMALL BOATS. This is the only "how-to" book covering inboard motor...

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  • Australian Boat Books

    Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania - Book 2

    Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania Book 2 is a wonderful collection of tall tales and striking portrait and seascape photographs from deep in the southern ocean, where the Roaring Forties batter Australia’s smallest state – Tasmania. Inside you will...

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  • Maritime Stories from Tasmania

    Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania - Book One

    Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania is a series of beautiful black & white photographs and enlightening stories that capture the beauty, passion, humour and most importantly the living history of Tasmania’s proud maritime heritage. A beautiful birthday or...

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  • An account of narrow boating in Britain

    Slow Boating in Britain: The Voyage of the "Alexandra"

    SLOW BOATING IN BRITAIN: THE VOYAGE OF THE “ALEXANDRA” AUTHORS: SANDRA AND STEPHEN BOCHNER   In late 2010 the writers went on a fortnight’s Narrow Boat cruise on the British Canals, and this book is a record of their adventures...

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  • ANZAC War History

    KIWIS AT WAR - Army 1941-42 - Part Three (PDF eBook)

    The KIWIS AT WAR series of books has been produced by NZ publisher Abacus Productions.  The books are compiled edits from letters and other first-hand accounts of New Zealand forces while on duty around the world during World War II.  Visit the...

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