Fairleads & Chocks

  • Davey Bronze Fairlead - Closed

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Fairleads - Closed

    Beautiful captive fairleads by Davey and Co.  These polished closed fairleads are sold individually and are available in a range of sizes from 4" to 8" in length. To match existing stainless steel hardware these bronze fairleads can be...

  • Bronze Lipped Fairlead - Locking

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Lipped Fairlead - Locking

    Gunmetal bronze locking chocks from Davey & Co.  These lock fairleads will help prevent mooring lines from releasing from the fairlead unintentionally. The pattern also incorporates a lip to prevent lines rubbing on the gunwale. Beautifully...

  • Bronze fairlead - lipped

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Stern Chocks - Lipped

    Beautiful gunmetal bronze lipped stern chocks, or straight fairleads, finished in polished bronze or chrome plated bronze. These stern chocks have a lip which extends out and over the gunwale, avoiding rubbing or chafing of mooring lines...