Fairleads & Chocks

  • Round Bronze Fairlead

    Bronze Through-Bulwark Fairlead - Screwed

    Through-bulwark fairleads solve the problem of passing mooring lines through the bulwark. These cast gunmetal bronze through-bulwark fairlead in four sizes. These elliptical fairleads consist of two halves - one side is drilled and countersunk for two...

  • Brass Fairleads

    Foresti & Suardi

    Brass Locking Fairleads - Slanted

    Stylish fairleads from Italy produced from solid brass. These bow chocks have an unusual slanted design often found on motor boats from the 1950s and 60s. Available in either a polished brass finish or chrome plated (as pictured above). Note that port...

  • Angled Bronze Fairlead

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Sunken Fairleads - Angled

    Cast bronze sunken fairleads angled for port or starboard, suitable for toe-rail installation.   Made in England, these polished bronze fairleads can be chrome plated to match existing deck hardware (extra costs apply). SKU Side Length (A) Width...

  • Bronze Chock

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Sunken Fairlead - Straight

    Cast bronze sunken straight fairleads, or chocks.  Made in England, these polished bronze fittings come in two sizes to fit different toe rails. With a polished bronze finish, these fairleads can be chrome plated to match existing deck hardware. ...

  • 316 Stainless Steel Fairleads - 9"

    Suncor Stainless Steel Deck Hardware

    316 Stainless Steel Skene Bow Chocks (pair)

    High quality 316 stainless steel bow fairleads from US company Suncor® Stainless. Available in three sizes, these stainless steel skene chocks are sold in port and starboard pairs. The skene chock design has overlapping arms that help prevent...

  • Bronze Bow Roller

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Bow Roller - Spartan

    This solid cast bronze bow roller combines rugged construction with superior appeal. Recessed into a 3-3/4" x 3-3/4" cut-out in the leading edge of the bowsprit. Anchor chain and rope ride on a 3" bronze roller.  A 3/8" stainless steel slide...

  • Davey Bronze Fairlead - Closed

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Fairleads - Closed

    Beautiful captive fairleads by Davey and Co.  These polished closed fairleads are sold individually and are available in a range of sizes from 4" to 8" in length. To match existing stainless steel hardware these bronze fairleads can be...

  • Bronze Lipped Fairlead - Locking

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Lipped Fairlead - Locking

    Gunmetal bronze locking chocks from Davey & Co.  These lock fairleads will help prevent mooring lines from releasing from the fairlead unintentionally. The pattern also incorporates a lip to prevent lines rubbing on the gunwale. Beautifully...

  • Bronze Rail Fairlead

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Rail Fairlead

     Solid bronze rail fairlead or chock from United States manufacturer Spartan Marine. This fairlead is designed to mortice into a wood toe rail.  The fairlead is fastened with two top-mounted 1/4" screws.  Two further pre-drilled holes near...

  • Bronze Chocks - Straight

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Chock - Straight

    A range of cast bronze straight chocks or fairleads made in the USA by Spartan. Chocks are used at the bow, stern and amidships to guide mooring lines, anchor lines and other ropes.  They prevent rope wear and chafing of the gunwale. These chocks...

  • Manganese Bronze Locking Chock

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Manganese Bronze Locking Chock

    This bronze locking chock has been designed to quickly accept an anchor or mooring line and lock it in place. This chock can also be considered for the stern where rising and falling tides can easily cause a dock line to escape from a straight chock...

  • Bronze Fairlead - G-Chock

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Fairlead - G-Chock (Pair)

    Solid bronze G-chocks from Spartan Marine.  Sold in pairs, these chocks have a burnished bronze finish. SKU Length Width Height Hole Centres Spartan's Code 180341 4" (107mm) 1-1/8" (28mm) 1-1/4" (35mm) 3-1/4"...

  • Bronze fairlead - lipped

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Stern Chocks - Lipped

    Beautiful gunmetal bronze lipped stern chocks, or straight fairleads, finished in polished bronze or chrome plated bronze. These stern chocks have a lip which extends out and over the gunwale, avoiding rubbing or chafing of mooring lines...

  • Concealed bronze fairlead

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Fairleads - Semi-Sunken

    Beautiful gunmetal bronze semi-sunken fairleads, or chocks, finished in polished bronze or chrome plated bronze. These deck fairleads are designed to be fitted partially within the gunwale, toerail of bulwark to provide a nearly flush fairlead...

  • Angled fairleads in bronze

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Bow Fairleads - Lipped

    Beautiful gunmetal bronze lipped bow fairleads, or bow chocks, finished in polished bronze or chrome plated bronze. These deck fairleads have a lip which extends out and over the gunwale, avoiding rubbing or chafing of mooring lines.  Three...

  • Bronze bulwark Fairlead

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Through-Bulwark Fairlead

    Cast bronze oval fairleads for passing a mooring line through a bulwark or bulkhead. These solid bronze through-bulwark fairleads are made in England by Davey & Co. and come in two identical halves that can be screw-fixed, bolted or...

  • Bronze toerail fairlead.

    Manganese Bronze Toerail Fairlead

    New Zealand-made solid manganese bronze toerail fairlead suitable for medium-sized to large yachts. These fairleads are symmetrical - they can be used for both port and starboard. SKU Overall Length (A) Inside Length (B) Overall Width...

  • Bronze Fairleads

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Bow Fairleads - Port or Starboard

    Beautiful heavy-duty angled bronze fairleads, or bow chocks, made to the highest standards.   Available in marine quality polished bronze. The price quoted is for one port or one starboard fairlead. SKU  Length Width  Max Lead...

  • Bronze Stern Chocks

    Bronze Stern Chocks

    Quality solid bronze stern chocks, or straight fairleads. Three countersunk fastening holes enable firm fixing to the deck using either silicon bronze wood screws, or machine screws if through-deck bolting is required. Available in polished bronze or...