• Brass Clock

    Brass Clocks

    Brass ship's clock suitable for use at home or onboard vessels, these brass clocks feature a solid brass case and a precision movement from Japan. The clock face is marked with 12-hour and 24-hour numerals. Available in a range of sizes, with the...

  • Brass Barometer

    Brass Barometers

    Brass ship's barometers indcate the barometric pressure, and can be a good indicator of impending weather changes. Suitable for use at home or onboard vessels, these brass barometers feature a solid brass case and a German-made precision movement...

  • Brass Galileiglass

    Davey and Company


    A novel way to check the temperature at a glance. Tags hanging from the balls show the relevant temperature. Manufactured in Denmark by Delite (incorporating E S Sorensen) and standing 140mm tall, this Galileiglass is supplied...

  • Stormglass with Mount

    Davey and Company


    The Stormglass was, is so far as we know, first used in about 1750 by sailing ships to predict stormy weather. The first proper report concerning its use on board a ship stems from the Darwin Expedition in 1831-1836. On December 27th 1831, Charles...