Portlights & Windscreens

  • Brass Window Ring

    Foresti & Suardi

    Brass Portlight Frames - Round

    Lightweight brass portlight frames.  These brass rings have a polished finish and are ideal for boats used on enclosed waters or architectural use in buildings and homes looking for a nautical theme. Other uses for these brass rings include viewing...

  • Fixed bronze portlight - oval

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Portlight - Oval Fixed Deadlight

    Heavy duty oval fixed bronze portlights.  Traditionally hand-made in England to the highest standard and CE marked for upper hull areas and cabin sides. Supplied with outside finishing rings, they are fitted with toughened glass and have a polished...

  • Fixed Bronze Deadlight - Polished

    Classic Boat Supplies

    Fixed Bronze Deadlight - Polished

    Solid bronze non-opening portlights made in Australia. Featuring a decorative concentric ring pattern, these fived deadlights are available in a range of sizes. Also available with a chrome plated finish. Part NumberGlass DiameterOverall...

  • Mesh screen for portholes

    Davey and Company

    Porthole Fly & Insect Screens (Davey)

    These insect screens are manufactured from stainless steel mesh and have a flexible outer rim that holds them firmly in the bore of the portlight. As a simple push fit they are easily installed without tools and can be simply removed and stored...