• Brass Screw Cup Washer

    Use brass cup washers to fasten panels and floors where the material thickness does not permit counter-sinking. SKU Gauge 160391 #6 160392 #8 160393 #10 160394 #12

  • Brass Screw Cup

    Brass Turned Pattern Screw Cup

    These brass cup washers can be inserted into panels and floors where flush screwing is required. Available in a range of sizes to suit different screw gauges. SKU Gauge 160386 #6 160387 #8 160388 #10 160389 #12 160390 #14

  • Rubber Rivet Nut

    Rubber Rivet Nuts

    Manufactured from themoplastic EPDM (a rubber-like material), these clever toggle fasteners have numerous applications. Most often used to secure hardware and other objects to thin steel, aluminium, plywood or fibreglass surfaces where there is...