• Brass Screw Cup Washer

    Use brass cup washers to fasten panels and floors where the material thickness does not permit counter-sinking. SKU Gauge 160391 #6 160392 #8 160393 #10 160394 #12

    USD0.16 (Inc. GST)
    USD0.15 (Ex. GST)
  • Brass Screw Cup

    Brass Turned Pattern Screw Cup

    These brass cup washers can be inserted into panels and floors where flush screwing is required. Available in a range of sizes to suit different screw gauges. SKU Gauge 160386 #6 160387 #8 160388 #10 160389 #12 160390 #14

    USD0.42 (Inc. GST)
    USD0.38 (Ex. GST)
  • Rubber Toggle Nut

    Rubber Toggle Nuts

    Manufactured from themoplastic EPDM (a rubber-like material), these clever toggle fasteners have numerous applications. Most often used to secure hardware and other objects to thin steel, aluminium, plywood or fibreglass surfaces where there is...

    USD0.39 (Inc. GST)
    USD0.36 (Ex. GST)