MURRAY Bronze Winches

  • MURRAY Winch MW1 with hinges in polished bronze finish

    MURRAY - Traditional Winches & Marine Hardware

    MURRAY Mini Winch - with Mounting Hinges (MW1H)

    The smallest MURRAY winch available, this model is has hinged mounting plates for mast or boom-mounting and using the winch as a halyard winch.   Constructed in New Zealand using manganese bronze, these compact winches are ideal halyard winches...

  • Bronze Winch Base

    Bronze 7" Winch Bracket for Murray 4/5 WInches

    Cast manganese bronze winch bracket for Murray Winches size 4 & 5. These bronze winch bases fasten to the deck and cockpit coaming to provide a solid mounting point for Murray winches. The bracked is tapped with four 5/16" UNC holes for securing the...