Cabin Hardware

  • Brass Galileiglass

    Davey and Company


    A novel way to check the temperature at a glance. Tags hanging from the balls show the relevant temperature. Manufactured in Denmark by Delite (incorporating E S Sorensen) and standing 140mm tall, this Galileiglass is supplied...

  • Brass Locker Hinge

    Foresti & Suardi

    Brass Locker Hinge

    Locker hinges cast in brass from Italian company Foresti & Suardi.  The all-brass hinges are drilled for 10-gauge countersunk screws and are available in polished brass and chrome-plated brass finishes. Sold individually and screws are not...

  • Bronze Separating Hinges

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Separating Hinges (pair)

    Famous "snap-apart" or separating hinges. These quality bronze hinges have a sprung centre pin to enable quick removal without the use of tools.  They work exactly like normal hinges, but pull the sprung pin on each hinge and simply remove the...